Vive Speedglas Comfort Mod

This is my attempt to expand upon the efforts of the people over at /r/Vivemodders, the most notable of which is ‘sheeeeple’.

This mod only requires 2 cable ties that are each less than 5mm wide and the worst thing you’ll do to your Vive is undo the velcro. It’s non-destructive for the Speedglas 9100 headgear too so you can sell it if you find the mod doesn’t make things more comfortable. Speedglas sell just the headgear without the mask; google ‘speedglas 9100 headgear’.

Your speedglas 9100 should look like this when it arrives and may also have the padding on the light grey front band: standard speedglas

The sides come off by pulling the lever outwards so the notch clears the holes, and then sliding them firmly away from the light grey front band toward the back of the headgear: sides removed

Next unclip the light grey front band: side bracket1 side bracket2

Gently remove it: side bracket3

Repeat on the other side and you’re good to go: remove speedglas peices

Remove the cables from the rear loop at the back of the Vive’s headband and loosen the side straps: vive stock

Detach the centre band from the front of the Vive. Re-velcro the centre band to protect it from fluff: vive stripped1

Offer up the headgear to the Vive: speedglas offered up to vive

Feed a cable tie up through the side hinge clip: adding cable ties1

Then through the headgear: adding cable ties2

And secure it loosely for now: loosely secure cable ties

Repeat the same procedure on the other side: cable ties on the other side

Feed the the Vive’s center band through the front most top strap and back through the Vive’s top hinge clip: re-assemble vive1

Secure the top strap’s velcro and then feed the cables back through the back of the Vive; secure vive strap

Play with your fitting by adjusting the Vive straps and manipulating the the cable tie length as well as the straps on the head gear too. At the back of the headgear is a tightening handle that you turn in either direction to tighten or loosen.

Note: I am using the sleep mask mod so my cable tie length will likely be different to those not using it. Adjust your cable ties down slowly checking how it feels as you go: tightening cable ties1 tightening cable ties2

At this point all you need to do is feed the cables through the bottom strap and you’re done! If this doesn’t feel better for you just follow the guide backwards and sell the 9100. feed the cables1 feed the cables2

How it looks when worn: finished product